Offshore Marine, oil and gas
Our Group manufactures and supplies oil hydraulic deck machinery.
Our Group manufactures transit concrete mixers used in both the production.
Precision Engineering and Automation
Our Group’s precision engineering and automation activities consist.
Industrial and Mobile Equipment
Utilising our core technology and expertise in hydraulic engineering.
The Zicom Group is a leading specialist equipment manufacturer and niche engineering service provider with core expertise in mechanical, hydraulics, precision, and instrumentation engineering. Our various businesses utilize our core expertise to manufacture offshore marine deck machinery, fluid regulating and metering stations, transit concrete mixers, foundation and geotechnical equipment, hydraulics drive systems, and automated equipment for precision applications.

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31/08/2021 Appendix 4E and Preliminary Final Report 2021
02/08/2021 Notification of buy-back - ZGL
14/07/2021 Appointment of Interim Joint Company Secretary
09/07/2021 Resignation of Joint Company Secretary