Investor Relations


DatePrice sens.HeadlinePagesPDFEdited Text*
03/11/2017 General Information on Zicom Innovations Group Pte Ltd3 PDF  
01/11/2017 ! Incorporation of Zicom Innovations Group Pte Ltd1 PDF  
25/10/2017 Settlement on Litigation1 PDF  
13/10/2017 Annual Report to Shareholders 2017118 PDF  
13/10/2017 Notice of 2017 Annual General Meeting and Proxy Form9 PDF  
29/09/2017 Appendix 4G Corporate Governance Disclosures 201712 PDF  
29/09/2017 Full Year Statutory Accounts 201792 PDF  
22/09/2017 ! Investment in Zicom Energy Solutions Pte Ltd1 PDF  
21/09/2017 Update on Litigation1 PDF  
05/09/2017 Announcement of Litigation1 PDF