Investor Relations


DatePrice sens.HeadlinePagesPDFEdited Text*
22/11/2012 Change of Director's Interest Notice KY Sim2 PDF  
21/11/2012 Appendix 3B Shares issued in lieu of cash bonus9 PDF  
20/11/2012 Appendix 3B Share Options granted to Directors9 PDF  
20/11/2012 Change of Director's Interest Notice GL Sim2 PDF  
20/11/2012 Notice of Change of Interest of Substantial Holder SNS2 PDF  
16/11/2012 Investor Presentation 201217 PDF  
13/11/2012 Chairman's Address to Shareholders2 PDF  
13/11/2012 Results of Meeting2 PDF  
25/10/2012 Appendix 3B Exercise of Employee Share Options9 PDF  
12/10/2012 Annual Report to Shareholders 201295 PDF