Investor Relations


DatePrice sens.HeadlinePagesPDFEdited Text*
11/03/2011 Change of Director`s Interest Notice_Ian Millard2 PDF  
08/03/2011 Notice of Change of Interests of Substantial Holder_Ventrade3 PDF  
01/03/2011 Appendix 3B_exercise of ESOP11 PDF  
01/03/2011 Change of Director`s Interest Notice_Yian Poh Lim2 PDF  
01/03/2011 Change of Directors` Interest Notice_Frank Leong2 PDF  
25/02/2011 ! Half Yearly Report and Accounts27 PDF  
23/02/2011 Change in substantial holding3 PDF  
07/02/2011 ! Half Year Profit Guidance1 PDF  
06/01/2011 Share Buyback Form 4842 PDF  
30/12/2010 Share Trading Policy4 PDF