Investor Relations


DatePrice sens.HeadlinePagesPDFEdited Text*
14/07/2010 ! Business Update2 PDF  
14/07/2010 Payment of Performance Bonus in Shares1 PDF  
08/06/2010 ! Announcement of buy-back - Appendix 3C3 PDF  
19/05/2010 Issue of Employee Share Options1 PDF  
13/05/2010 Change of Director`s Interest Notice _Mr KH Sim2 PDF  
04/05/2010 Appendix 3B_Issue of Employee Share Options7 PDF  
04/05/2010 Issue of Share Options to Employees1 PDF  
12/04/2010 Change of Director`s Interest Notice _ GL Sim2 PDF  
12/04/2010 Notice of Change of Interests of Substantial Holder_GL Sim2 PDF  
30/03/2010 Change of Director`s Interest Notice_GL Sim2 PDF