Investor Relations


DatePrice sens.HeadlinePagesPDFEdited Text*
15/03/2010 Change in substantial holding2 PDF  
15/03/2010 Change of Director`s Interest Notice2 PDF  
08/03/2010 Change of Director`s Interest Notice_GL Sim2 PDF  
08/03/2010 Notice of Change of Interests of Substantial Holder_GL Sim2 PDF  
05/03/2010 Appendix 3B9 PDF  
05/03/2010 Issue of Shares under Zicom Employee Share and Option Plan1 PDF  
03/03/2010 Change of Director`s Interest Notice_Frank Leong2 PDF  
01/03/2010 Interim Dividends Paid Out of Conduit Foreign Income1 PDF  
01/03/2010 Ranking In 23rd Annual Singapore 10001 PDF  
26/02/2010 ! Half Yearly Report and Accounts26 PDF